A convenient & secure hosted asset management solution

World-class hosted & managed solution

For successful businesses, managing assets to maximise their value, life span and the benefits they deliver is of paramount importance. To achieve this it is vital to have an asset management platform that is :

  • secure
  • reliable
  • scalable to the volume and types of assets to be managed
  • accessible to users across the business
  • regularly updated with new features & options

pro-Assets® provides all of this and much more.

Typically, we help businesses replace in-house, single user spreadsheets offering minimal asset specific functionality or existing asset management systems that have limited features, little scope for scaling up or that simply fail to meet business needs.

Thanks to our world-class cloud-hosting Partner, UKFast we are able to provide you with a high availability and scalable dedicated asset management system that is always on, always accessible to staff across the business and with future proofing built-in.

100% Carbon neutral hosting
Fully owned local data centres
Flexible, and highly redundant data centres
ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
PCI compliance