Maximising usage & life-span of Educational Assets

Minimise disruption to classes and learning

Managing assets in the Education Sector

Sheringham Woodfields School

Keeping our classes running smoothly is a constant challenge in a busy, dynamic school such as ours. Balancing our budgets and ensuring we achieve maximum asset life-span has never been more important for the Education sector.

Matt Smith MBE, School Business Manager,
Sheringham Woodfields School

OVERVIEW - Asset Management in the Education Sector

Staff check-out/check-in facility for asset use outside of school via smartphone barcode scanning.
Allocate equipment & assets to classrooms and other locations for easy audits.
Calculate asset depreciation and set end-of-life disposal values.
Plan equipment budgets & monitor purchasing throughout the school calendar.
Set equipment stauses (e.g. awaiting repair) so staff know to locate & use alternatives in advance.

For a simple, convenient monthly payment why not create your own secure, hosted asset solution to proactively manage & organise your school & teaching assets?

Typical uses to manage your assets

Manage PAT/ equipment servicing schedules

Ensure your electrical equipment is always safe & compliant by never missing a PAT test date again. Update items directly using the pro-Asssets® mobile app as they are tested no matter where your equipment is located.

Plan asset/ equipment replacement

Set operating/ useful life spans, decommissioning dates and other key information and then track replacement budgets using powerful, automated custom reports.

Equipment Check-in/ Check-out

Always know where your assets are. See when staff have removed equipment from allocated locations, their condition and date of return. Leverage the pro-Asssets® mobile app for staff convenience.

Map sites & asset locations

See up to date asset locations across your own sites and those of your Customers/ Clients. Use Post Codes, Longitudes/ Lattitudes or Northings/ Eastings.

Track asset statuses

From purchase to installation and commissioning to repair, always know what the statuses of your assets are and keep track of their full history.

Manage budgets & depreciation

Use the flexible but powerful 'Views' and 'Calculations' features to track budgets by asset type, location, department etc as well as depreciation history.

Don't miss out on the benefits


Proactive management & care of assets throughout their useful life will save your business time, money & reduce the need for unplanned expenditure.


Maintaining easily auditable asset registers against locations helps reduce the opportunity and incidence of theft, loss & misplacement.


Having planned maintenance schedules together with easy reporting of assets in need of repair/ replacement ensures staff downtime is minimised.


Achieve far more than with static in-house asset spreadsheets by having a true multi-user system with control over access, permissions & security.