Powerful features for easy management of all asset types

Benefit from a familiar spreadsheet style editing interface

Powerful features to manage your assets

Take control of your assets by web and mobile

Our powerful features and innovative, yet familiar spreadsheet style editing interface, empower users and teams to take full control of your assets no matter where they are or what device they have access to.

Desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet - asset management couldn't be easier and more accessible for staff.

Experience the benefits of true multi-user access to real-time, accurate asset data ensuring the right decisions, policies and procedures are followed throughout your organisation.

True multi-user asset management

Providing staff with controlled access to manage assets across your entire business giving you the latest data, insights and control. Say goodbye to speadsheets for good.

Right information, better decisions

From fast & reliable audits to being better organised and informed, pro-Assets® lets you collect up to date asset information by web, mobile app and barcode scanning.

Maximise asset life-spans & reduce costs

Never miss a service date or warranty recall again. Use powerful reporting to make sure existing assets are well utilised, maintained and looked after to help manage budgets and investments.

  • Asset types/ classes - create any type of asset class with associated fields.
  • Cloning, bulk uploads & bulk updates - perform by asset type, location, status etc.
  • Statuses & tags - define, add and update.
  • Audit trail - Full asset audit trail of changes throughout lifespan.
  • Conditional formatting - define by asset type based on multiple criteria.
  • Mobile forms - create & allocate custom forms to asset classes/ types.
  • Define your own assets classes to meet your business or Customer requirements.
  • Make asset classes suit specific purposes by combining additional fields with standard system fields.
  • Quickly search and locate assets using definable tags/ statuses e.g. unavailable assets tagged as 'waiting repair'
  • Easily view full asset history to determine best course of action e.g. Warranty recalls or last checked-out by.
  • Design mobile forms for asset types to collect specific information e.g. pre-hire vehicle condition check.
  • Create & save - views and lists based on multiple criteria for common tasks.
  • Colour code/ format fields - in lists for easier identification of key issues.
  • Default views & ordering - set by user.
  • Search facility - fast & comprehensive searching.
  • Create lists of equipment service dates ready for work scheduling so items never exceed renewal dates.
  • Add traffic light colour coding for count down in days to anniversary dates e.g. PAT renewals.
  • Create & assign lists of assets based on staff responsibilities e.g. items overdue for check back in.
  • Trace the full history of an asset when conducting reviews or enquiries.
  • Set & use statuses to help guide staff as to asset availability e.g. do not use / awaiting repair / in test etc.
  • Web and/ or mobile - convenient check-out & back in from either web interface or mobile app.
  • Return date - set a due date for asset return/ check back in.
  • Condition - specify a check-out and check-in condition for assets.
  • Responsible person - set who will be responsible for the asset whilst checked-out.
  • Record when staff take assets away from business locations e.g. nursing staff using equipment on home visits.
  • Know due dates for the return of equipment by staff using check-in procedure.
  • Create a list view to follow up after check-in to monitor condition of returned equipment.
  • Use the smartphone app barcode scanning feature to make check-out process easy for all staff.
  • Trace which members of staff have been responsible for an asset whilst checked-out from your business.
  • Document storage - for all your documentation: Warranties, User manuals, photos, certificates of compliance etc.
  • Cloud storage - use your company OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox account.
  • Asset Journal - add, search & share key asset notes, information and commentaries across teams.
  • MS Outlook - assign Tasks & To Dos directly to users' Outlook accounts.
  • Leverage your exisitng investment in Office 365 thanks to integration with pro-Assets®
  • Store & share all kinds of asset related documents against an asset e.g. Warranty, User Guide, Certificates etc.
  • Documents can be accessed across staff and teams thanks to integration with the cloud-storage of your choice.
  • Asset Journal works with One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and MS Outlook.
  • Keep useful related information in one convenient place e.g. purchase & supplier info, support/ help line nrs.
  • Internal sites & locations - create sites and locations for your own organisation.
  • Customers - create sites & locations for any number of Customer organisations.
  • Grouped locations - create hierarchies of locations
  • See instant mapped locations of asset whereabouts across your entire organisation.
  • Use Post Codes, Longitude/ Latitude or Northings & Eastings for location mapping.
  • Allocate all your Customers' assets to sites & locations for easier management of the services you provide.
  • Choose depreciation method - Reducing Balance or Straight Line.
  • Set method - by asset type or override for individual assets.
  • Define values - use system defaults or set custom values.
  • Disposal value - use either depreciated or manually set value.
  • Track total values of assets by type/ class & location.
  • See the total value of assets being disposed of in a period.
  • Use additional fields together with formula fields to meet advanced budgeting & finance requirements.
  • Calculate value of assets coming to end of expected life in a period to set budget forecasts.
  • Additional fields - use 8 different additional fields types to customise an asset class to your specific needs.
  • Formula fields - create your own calculations and formulas using text, number, date & other functions.
  • Combinations - Combine standard asset fields with additional fields to generate advanced formulas and calculations.
  • Mobile forms - Create mobile forms to capture the right data to feed into your specific calculations.

A particular strength of pro-Assets® is the powerful combination of custom (additional) fields with formula fields. Together, these two highly flexible features create endless possibilities and options for users to create unique analytical outcomes.

Whether the resulting analysis needs to be numerical, textural or date related we have the solution for you.

  • User types - Give users access to the system via the web, mobile app or both chanels.
  • Access permissions - Set what features and areas of the system each user & Group can access.
  • GDPR & other policies - set GPPR policies for personal data retention and password strengths.
  • User Reports - View user login activity including date/ time, device type, operating system and app version.
  • Groups - Add users to groups and teams.
  • Organise your users according to business unit, job function or responsibilities.
  • Ensure access rights enable users to use the system to carry out their asset management duties to the full.
  • Meet company GDPR requirements by setting policies for what & how long data is stored in the system.
  • Set a minimum password strength policy to maintain security & meet exisiting policies.
  • Monitor user login activity to ensure consistency of experience, business procedures & authorised access.