Comprehensive asset reporting for all business functions

Combine standard system & custom reports to meet the needs of your business departments

Reporting on virtually any aspect of either your own or Customers' assets couldn't be easier using pro-Assets®. You have a choice of pre-built standard system reports as well as the option to build your own powerful custom reports using existing asset fields and/or specific fields you have added to your asset types.

Add in the ability to filter and format the content, set the look and file type of your custom reports and you have everything you will to meet the needs of different business departments - from service & maintenance to accounts and purchasing.

Standard system reports

We are constantly adding to the range of pre-built system reports for our customers to use as we add more features to the system. Currently, standard reports relate to 5 main categories :

1. value
2. location
3. date
4. status
5. users & actions
Comprehensive asset reporting

Powerful custom reports

A major benefit of the pro-Assets® system is the simplicity and flexibility to quickly build and share your own powerful custom reports. No matter what your industry or types of assets that you manage, our custom reporting will give you what you need in just a few short minutes.


PERMISSIONS - Control what reports each group or individual user can access.
CHART TYPES - Choose between different chart types & set titles and axis labels.
BRANDING - Apply your company branding including logo, colours and fonts.
FILTERS - Simply build reports by clicking to add asset fields and then apply filters & formatting to obtain the data required.
SHARE - Share reports using unique secure links with optional password protection and availability expiry date.
SCHEDULE - Automatically send reports in PDF or Excel formats by email to one or more people on a recurring schedule.